Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Totally in love Tuesday! 1st edition

Oh my goodness! I have stumbled onto a site that I just love, love, love! Is that enough love for you? I don't just love paper, I love fabric as well. I grew up with a wonderful seamstress mother and great grandmother. I swear they could sit down and make anything. We lost my "Grammy" a while back, but my mom still sews all the time. See her latest creation here A "down the rabbit hole" costume for her youngest for a Alice in Wonderland tea party at church. Very cute idea.

I just love fabrics, especially vintage inspired ones! I came across this absolutely wonderful site and I have decided to highlight a fabric from there today and each week I'll post a new fabric I come across. May be different sites, but to be honest this one is chock full of enough to keep me posting for years!

The website for these delights? Fabric Worm

Here is my pick of the week. You know my love for owls!

I mean how cute are those?!

I encourage you to go over and visit this great shop. She is the momma to two boys and I always love to see someone find their passion. This woman has compiled so many wonderful fabrics I can't say enough!

I hope each of you have a wonderful day!
Until next time Dear Reader,

Chatty Cathy

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