Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trash to treasure!

My new home is a joy to have. I am recently re-married and my husband and I have bought a new construction home outside Charleston, SC. I love it. The joy of having my own home after apartment living is so wonderful, but a new construction home poses it's own obstacles. Drab walls, no ceiling or window trims, very little "charm". Everything is new and shiny and sometimes it can be daunting when you think about how to make this whole house cozy and "home" for your family. I grew up watching old movies and loving the 40's and 50's era homes in them. I love vintage finds and sometimes these items look "out of place" in a brand spanking new house. 

This is what I stood before only months ago.

To this... ready to be transformed into a home with character.

This summer we found an old enamel top table in Winchester, VA. I loved it immediately. I had no chairs to go with this table however. 

Luckily I have vision! I was picking my daughter up from Orchestra and the middle school was throwing out their old chairs. Ugly but "good bones" in my book!
Ugly blue melamine chair...good bones.

I taped off the metal tubular parts.

Sprayed it with gloss black Krylon spray paint.

Two finished chairs. Two coats did it.

The feet of the chairs were metal...I have nice wood floors so I bought rubber feet as a replacement at Lowes.

The feet fit perfect.

Chair after painting before feet were on.

The finished product is really cute. It fit perfect with my enamel top table and looks great in the kitchen. I've just painted that with Martha Stewart Salt Glaze and still have to put curtains and artwork up but I'm heading in the right direction!

Hopefully this post will help you see that some small makeovers can make a real difference!

Until next time Dear Reader,

Chatty Cathy

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