Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome 2012!

What is this we are sitting in? Mom's new bookcase!
Yes, Yes, I know it's been 2012 for about week. After traveling home from my mom and dad's home in Virginia Beach, I had a day of unpacking followed by sickness. At this very moment I can see my glands looking in a mirror. They are swollen and popped out! So this post will mostly be pictures that I took just prior to Christmas, during and after. Hope you enjoy and get ready for a cool post I am doing tomorrow...later today if my throat and body permit!
My husband and I built our first piece of furniture! A bookcase 9' x 9'. It looks lovely in the living room!

You can see how much storage and display space this will give me in our new construction home that had very little storage space prior. I was so happy just to have a home again, but when hubby said we could build this together I was so excited!
Look how big!

The cat and dog didn't like it as much as the girls and hubby though!
Downtown Charleston, SC. is beautiful at this time of year. It's always beautiful, but you can see all the ironwork and front doors better without all the lush plantings in bloom. They are so beautiful in full bloom as well, but I was on a mission to take some pictures of decorated front doors. Not as many were done up as I anticipated but I still took many a great shot! Enjoy!
Two Meeting Street Inn- A Charleston Gem!

One of the beautiful architectural elements of this home.

Some doors and gates are elaborate and some simple. All hold their charm and elegance of a day and time gone by. If you've never visited our fair should make it a priority! 
Charleston is certainly beautiful!

Old iron gate festive for the holidays.
Our family enjoyed the day walking around and having a treat afterward. To walk the streets in Charleston is a walk through a piece of history indeed!

Until next time Dear Reader,

Chatty Cathy

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