Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joyeux Noel!

Joyeux Noel bird tree
I just hand painted this darling wall art! It was super easy. Here's how:

Start with a primed board or pre-made sign. Mine was an old sign that I repainted. I primed this with Kilz brand primer, two coats. started by painting the edge of the sign blackish red. I just mixed some FolkArt brick red with a little black. 
Next I went to (You know I love her!) and did a search for Christmas clipart. I came across this darling tree of birds. I am using it for my Christmas cards as well!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bear with me!

I am no computer whiz. Learning HTML and how to make my blog look like a blog I'd want to visit has been no easy task! In an attempt to make my blog look more "Christmas Like" I have somehow messed up my settings. I hope you will visit tomorrow when I can actually get a post up! Here are some pictures to tide you over till the posts are ready.
Winter Village

Happy Fall!

Until next time,
Chatty Cathy