Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1st Order

I received an order for my first designed Mosaic Scherenschnitte.  The lady wanted me to re-create it in cream, greens and brown. I happily obliged and here's the final result. In the close up you can see the 2 shades of green.

It turned out very pretty, although you'll have to forgive me about not formating the picture and making it prettier. I was in a rush. I seem to be on the run all the time lately. 

I have also been toying with another design that looks more like a spiderweb and I'm not sure if I like the result.

 It's 2 circles of interwoven lines layered on top of one another. It was a anniversary gift initially and then I decided I wasn't altogether happy. The idea was 2 people, interwoven in love and life....it ended up looking like a nice Halloween decoration? I'll keep it and try some ideas with it, but I decided to cut another one of the German Scherenschnitte by the German artist: Christian Schwizgebel (1957) that I had adapted and changed a bit. My first attempt at it here resulted with a beautiful piece, so I decided to cut it again for my sister in law and her husband as a gift for their 25 wedding anniversary! I'm hoping they will like it.

I'm not really back to blogging, but will post things as I cut them and let you know how my Etsy shop is coming along.

Until Next time Dear Reader,
Chatty Cathy

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Newest Design

So I'm back... yes I know I was able to stay away for just one day... what can I say?

At the prompting of some friends and family, I am taking a plunge and designing my own Scherenschnitte designs. I have ideas pop into my head constantly for new ways to layer and cut paper and finally after years of thinking about it, I am going to give it a whirl. So here are some shots of my first design. This is a mosaic layered in 4 layers and then mounted on a back paper. I haven't decided on a backer yet and maybe your input will help me decide? I drew out the design and then cut it from standard white stock, then continued to mount on a new layer, re-cut, layer, re-cut...you get the idea. I am thrilled with the results and  am putting together some items for an Etsy shop now.  Hope you enjoy the photos, and please if anyone is still visiting this blog... give me your opinions!

Until next time Dear Reader,
Chatty Cathy

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just a little visit...

No I haven't picked the blog back up, but I had to post this! I have been a paper cutter since I was ten...probably earlier if you count the millions of little things I snipped with scissors from any paper I could lay my hands on! My actual first Scherensnitte was done at 10 however. I am amazed when I think at 10 I went into the Piece Good Shop (fabric and kind of craft shop in Virginia Beach when I was little), and used my allowance to purchase a "Scherensnitte" book.

It had preprinted pieces on parchment and I thought it was the most amazing thing ever! It was too hard to cut with scissors and so my dad showed me an x-acto knife. I'm sure my mother wasn't too keen on it, never have asked her about it really! I was ADD then and still am. I'm sure she was scared I'd slice my finger off, but I never did. What I did do is start to cut these intricate pieces and loved doing it. I found it challenging and relaxing.

My first book was Amish Quilts. Very straight forward lines and shapes, but very pretty. I was hooked and started buying books as I could find them and afford them. I gave many gifts away over the years and people always loved them.

Scherensnitte was an unusual craft that not too many people did and I think that was part of the enjoyment as well, it allowed me to be a little different and carve my own space out in a very talented family. My sister is a beautiful decorator and painted, sculpted, scrap booked and many other things, my mom does anything and everything, my cousins are very gifted artists, my dad builds and designs things, my grandmother and great grandmother are/were talented seamstresses, knitter, painters, etc. Hard to stand out surrounded by talent. No one in my family does this and that makes it special to me. That may sound selfish, but it's very important to feel like an individual and this has given me that in the world of artistic talents.

Today is my mother's birthday. I try to make her a special handmade gift every couple of years and then buy thoughtful gifts in between. A couple of years ago I made her a hand painted banner for her studio. I have made many things over the years and try to do something in a different medium each time. This year she will get a hand cut Scherensnitte from yours truly. I found a book at our local library called: Scherensnitte, designs and techniques for traditional paper cutting by: Susanne Schlapfer-Geiser. The original paper cutting in the book was done by: Christian Schwizgebel (1957). I adapted that and did it on white stock paper and mounted on acid free card stock and then framed it. I hope you enjoy looking at it and try your hand at paper cutting. It's a wonderful craft to learn and you are never too old!

I don't know when I'll post again. I am having the urge to blog a bit, but trying to post on a steady basis is not very conducive to my life currently. I wish you all a wonderful day and enjoy the images!

Until next time Dear Reader,

Chatty Cathy