Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1st Order

I received an order for my first designed Mosaic Scherenschnitte.  The lady wanted me to re-create it in cream, greens and brown. I happily obliged and here's the final result. In the close up you can see the 2 shades of green.

It turned out very pretty, although you'll have to forgive me about not formating the picture and making it prettier. I was in a rush. I seem to be on the run all the time lately. 

I have also been toying with another design that looks more like a spiderweb and I'm not sure if I like the result.

 It's 2 circles of interwoven lines layered on top of one another. It was a anniversary gift initially and then I decided I wasn't altogether happy. The idea was 2 people, interwoven in love and life....it ended up looking like a nice Halloween decoration? I'll keep it and try some ideas with it, but I decided to cut another one of the German Scherenschnitte by the German artist: Christian Schwizgebel (1957) that I had adapted and changed a bit. My first attempt at it here resulted with a beautiful piece, so I decided to cut it again for my sister in law and her husband as a gift for their 25 wedding anniversary! I'm hoping they will like it.

I'm not really back to blogging, but will post things as I cut them and let you know how my Etsy shop is coming along.

Until Next time Dear Reader,
Chatty Cathy

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  1. That spiderweb is just gorgeous! It's amazing how you can do that!