Thursday, August 8, 2013

Paper Therapy!

 So you know by now I have an addictive relationship with paper? I collect it, I create with it, I adore it, I pick it up at stores and practically drool over it! I have stacks and stacks of paper and make things from it all the time. I posted about my quilled heart last year that I made. 

I showed you some of the techniques for quilling (paper curling/twirling) back then find that post here

I found myself once again a bit mentally jumbled and in need of some "paper therapy" as I call it. I tend to become very focused and relaxed when doing anything tedious with paper. It relaxes me and allows me to clear my mind. I looked at all the quilling strips I had and thought...haven't quilled in a bit...why not do some quilling!

I looked through some line drawings I had and came across some stained glass window patterns I liked. It hit me that that might translate well into quilling? I decided to try it out and set about making all types of swirls and curls to fill in the drawing! I did the framework of the "window" out of black strips of paper 1/8". I then filled them in with colors I thought looked like stained glass colors. It turned out quite nice and I thought I'd share it with you!

 I'm already thinking of different geometrics I can create in colors more to my lifestyle like hot pink and black and white, greens and aquas? My mind was already planning the next project while already working on this one! Tell me what you think and...

Until Next Time Dear Reader,

Chatty Cathy