Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joyeux Noel!

Joyeux Noel bird tree
I just hand painted this darling wall art! It was super easy. Here's how:

Start with a primed board or pre-made sign. Mine was an old sign that I repainted. I primed this with Kilz brand primer, two coats. started by painting the edge of the sign blackish red. I just mixed some FolkArt brick red with a little black. 
Next I went to (You know I love her!) and did a search for Christmas clipart. I came across this darling tree of birds. I am using it for my Christmas cards as well!
Here is the link to her site with this picture:
She has so many other wonderful graphics as well!
Next I opened the documents program and typed Joyeux Noel and fiddled with different typestyles. I chose Edwardian Script for this. I set the type to appropriately fit my picture. Toy with how big you want the picture on your sign and then make your type fit under it like the tree stump like mine. 
The next step is really based on your preference for transferring designs. I used an ink jet printer and found that I was able to burnish the image onto the paint surface. I used a pencil and scribbled on the back pressing hard. I lifted often to make sure the image was transferring. For the type I scribbled on the back with a graphite pencil and then positioned it under the bird tree. I then went back over it with a mechanical pencil with the graphite side down on the paint so it would transfer. This allowed a clean line. I could have set the type in mirror image and then burnished like the other, but didn't. Either method works. After the image is transfered I went over all the lines by hand with thinned out black acrylic paint. The burnishing provided much detail to follow. I have a steady hand and have painted for years and enjoy it. I think using a fine point Sharpie would work as well if you aren't secure with hand painting this project. I'm already thinking up new ways to use these birds. I think they are so cute. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

Until next time,
Chatty Cathy

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  1. That is so pretty! Is it in black and white? Is the picture we are seeing the actual thing you painted or is that coming later?

  2. This is the actual painted sign. I cropped the picture and it looks almost like a piece of paper instead of a painted sign! It is painted though.

  3. Qué lindos tus trabajos, te felicito.