Monday, January 30, 2012

Owl love you forever!

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Owls are my absolute favorite. I was in love with owls before they were fashionable. My great grandmother "Grammy" used to sing me a lullaby when I was little "Rock a bye my little owlet". I sang it to my daughters as well. So it has thrilled me to no end that right now owls are so hot. I realized I haven't put any "owl" projects up and my little owlet love tree is perfect for the upcoming month!

I wanted to show you a project that is not only simple, but very inexpensive. Sometimes the supplies we need for our projects can climb pretty high. Right now, after Christmas, I am always searching for quick inexpensive projects while still getting the wow factor. When I walked out to meet the girls after school, my neighbor was outside and couldn't believe this was made from paper.

The tree came from the Dollar Tree and I just made the little owls by quilling them. Hot glued it all to the tree and ta da! There are many quilling tutorials on the web. You could also print out pictures of little owls and then hot glue them in place.  I'm placing this on my mantel and working on getting a whole slew of Valentine projects done. I promise you they will all be quick and cheap!

Check back this week as I am finally using those fringed flowers!
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I hope you enjoyed this little owl tree and make one of your own. If you do please share your photos with me as I love to see how inspired people can create!

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Chatty Cathy

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