Thursday, February 16, 2012

A special night

Every year for Valentine's Day I make sure my family has a special dinner. I decorate the room and make special items we don't get all the time. I make a special dessert and try to make the night special so my girls feel how much they mean to me. I am super blessed this year to also have a wonderful husband! I'm going to highlight a couple of pictures of the pretty table we had and then show you a great little project I did for the table setting to surprise the girls!

Yummy chocolate cups with cheesecake pudding and whipped cream and strawberries.

Sugared strawberries ready for the whipped cream.

The girls were all excited when they saw the room fixed pretty. I know it seems like overkill, but I really do love my family so much and making things look pretty makes me happy as well.

I put a Heart covered table cloth on the table- Wally World 3-
Made a cute paper art dangly thingy (it's an industry term) for the chandelier.

and...when the girls came in for dinner I had a surprise for them. Fairies in a jar!
aka: glow sticks in a jar!
This was easy, cheap and thrilling for all!

Here's how I made these:

clean glass jar-mine's a mandarin orange jar 

glow sticks from the Dollar Tree-1 or 2 sticks per jar

glitter- clear would work better, but I used silver

Spray paint for lids

finished jar of Fairies
The first thing you need to do is collect clean jars and make sure they are totally dry.

Spray paint the lids of your jars to whatever color you want. Mine are themed for the table.

Next, and I warn you this is the more tricky part: crack and shake glow stick, cut one end of your glow stick and then hold over sink or protective area. Cut other end off over jar so the first end is in jar when doing so. This way when the second end is cut it will drain into the jar. This can splatter the glow stuff. The sticks are tough and they "pop" when cut. I just wiped up quickly each time and I have no damage to anything. If you have a child helping, I'd have them do the next step.
Add a sprinkle of glitter to jar, seal and shake. Instant Fairies in a jar! I did find that if I sort of rotated the jar as the stuff was drizzling in it looked much better. The ones that it went to the bottom and then I shook it up were still pretty, but the drizzled and then shook ones were the best.

This is a pretty project. Cheap- $1 if you have glitter already. Glow Sticks can be found at Dollar Tree all the time. I think making this for a child that has trouble sleeping at night is a fabulous idea. How soothing it is to look at the little glow in the jar?

Hope you enjoy this project and let me know if you make them. I love to get feedback and comments!

Until next time Dear Reader,

Chatty Cathy


  1. What a cute idea! Thanx for coming to the party.

    1. Oh thanks Pamela! Hope you decide to drop by my blog again, I'm always adding new items!

  2. Fantastic idea. It's flittering all over Pinterest. My grandchildren will love it!!!