Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good, Clean Fun!

Aren't they the cutest?
These are not my kids, but the neighborhood kids. It's Sat. and the kids (my kids) woke up, we're bored! DH and I look at them and said go outside and play! DH and I are building units for our living room. We've finished one and are now working on the other. We had our day planned! 

My youngest asks if they can use the boxes I'm taking for recycling to build a fort? I say sure. I remember tent and fort building with my sister when we were little. It was with blankets and the dining room table. We loved it! Mom would bring us pancakes under the table and we'd eat happily in the tent.

This is the tent my kids and soon lots of neighborhood kids were building! What imagination. Stakes, ropes, drop cloth!

A front door which the neighborhood boy (I adore him) told me I had to have a "pastword" to get in.

They all worked together and used their imaginations and discussed the various entrances and position of blankets. It was so cute and kept everyone busy while DH and I worked. Our neighbor was moving top soil around her yard and one daughter was down there helping her. We had her two children here helping with the tent.

As I looked at the kids having so much fun and glanced down the street to see my daughter helping the neighbor move soil, while another daughter chatted with our next door neighbor, I thought, this is what it should be like. Neighbors helping each other, kids playing and having fun, husbands and wives working side by side. It's sounding very ideal and I guess today was one of those days. I cherish them when I can.

The value of neighborhood kids playing and laughing.

Sharing moments of rest under a tent one's built

and reveling in one's own creation.

This is what a simple life of joy is. Taking those ordinary moments in life and highlighting them as special.

Here's my sweetheart building our base unit for the built-in.

I hope each of you had a great Saturday as well.
Until next time Dear Reader,

Chatty Cathy


  1. FUN FUN FUN..everyhting about this whole post is great!! I remember the hours and hours my kids spent playing with boxes and making forts...not that elaborate..but fun!! good for everyone involved!

    1. It was a special day :) Thanks for following and commenting. I love comments.