Sunday, February 26, 2012

I was featured!

Okay so this may not be earth shattering news for others, but I have spent many months doing blog posts, lots of tutorials and feel sometimes I'll never grow! I'm not sure if others out there feel depressed as I have, but it's discouraging to not see the followers numbers go up more than I have. I keep plowing along though, sure that my blogging is helping someone somehow? I just had the best news (for me). I was featured on Debbie Doos! She highlighted my "No. 2" post! I was so excited today when I saw it. For me it means that someone actually thought something I made was worth sharing! Yahoo! Here is the link for her post that highlighted my piece. click here

To all of you who follow, I love you dearly and truly. I blog for me, but one can't help but look at the number of followers and hope they go up. It's like confirmation that what you are blogging is worth something to someone.

Thank you for being there for me, I appreciate you!

I have 2 tutorials planned for this week. One involves metal green brillo pads and one involves a mystery item. My husband came to me and said he had a challenge for me...held up a plastic thingy and said what can you make out of this. Well, I am German, a bit Irish and a bit Scottish, none of these quit! I accept the challenge my dear and wow have I got a cool idea for this plastic thingy. More to come this week!

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