Monday, February 6, 2012

Miss Flibbertigibbet Mosaic China Dresser

Some of my followers know that my Mom also blogs. She's a talented seamstress and also refinishes furniture for her business. She has more talents than I can list here, so I'll direct you to her blog!
Miss Flibbertigibbet
Today I am going to showcase her Mosaic china top dresser. It's really cool and she gave a tutorial on it. I could do this, but leave this stuff to her. I think paper is more my speed! She does amazing re-dos on furniture and if you need inspiration in that area...head on over.

Here's a picture of her great dresser:

A direct link to this post is here

Hope you enjoy and I'll see you tomorrow. Today I get to take my poor chihuahua Apollo to the Vet. He isn't happy and I'm more nervous than him! Claw trimming is not fun with him as he is so little! (5 lbs.)
I'll be back tomorrow with an new fabric pick of the week. This one is a cute one too!
Plus Wednesday I have another great quilling project to show you. oh busy, busy, busy week!

Have a great day Dear Reader,

Until next time this is Chatty Cathy signing off!

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