Saturday, March 24, 2012

Top of the world...or just on top of the soil pile!

We had 7 yards of top soil delivered the other day. Our entire yard is solid clay and some cement and nails the builders left! Nothing grows in it. The 4 new bushes we bought in the fall and plated correctly and with plenty of compost dies within weeks. So the only thing so far I have had success with has been pansies (shallow roots) and some sedum. The mulch has broke down a bit and we, should say me as hubby has a herniated disc and I'm flying solo on this one, are attempting to add soil thickly and help break down the crud underneath. So for a couple of days I've trudged through the dirt wheelbarrow and thatching rake in hand attempting to make something of my clay soil! Heavy rains have made a soupy mess and in some areas I sink into the ground 4-5" and have fun trying to get my Wellies out! I'm determined though and there's a sense of achievement knowing I am doing this with a purpose! It's also kicking my rear physically which is helping me get back into shape right? Silver lining folks!

Here's some pictures of the pretties that will go in initially. I picked items with shallow root systems that will still look incredible once they bush out and fill the gardens. Next year we'll attempt more bushes and annuals. 

Yellow Latana

Variegated Hosta


Red petunia

Forsythia given to me by my Aunt

purple petunias

white impatiens

I'm thrilled to finally have a yard to thrive in! I love to garden and have missed it terribly during the last three years while I was in apartments and a townhouse with no yard. It's like a dream to go out and feel the earth through my fingers! I thank God for my many blessings, family, home and now a yard!

I hope each of you have a great weekend and until next time Dear Reader,

Chatty Cathy


  1. Clay soil is SO can be broken down though....just takes work! Container gardening is good while you're waiting anyway!Love the white impatiens...they always look so freash.

    1. I know! I am planting two containers for either side of the door with sweet potato vine and Coleus. It will look fresh and pretty all summer on the porch, plus I love to take cuttings and re-root for more plants! I may throw some lobelia in there as well to make it pop!