Monday, March 26, 2012

Organizing, re-organizing and purging!

I have been busy at work today cleaning the mud encrusted entry way in my home. As I told you, I had 6 yards of topsoil delivered to my home. It then poured for the last 3 days and we have mud everywhere! I have high hopes though and am not deterred easily! Tomorrow will be a sunny 72 here in SC. which is really very cool! I will be back at it tomorrow and post pictures. Today I woke to a rainy morning and decided scrubbing my entry, making pots of tea and watching Bramwell  while organizing, re-organizing and purging my "craft room" supplies! 

Bramwell is an excellent miniseries! Here's a synopsis, I've included the person who wrote the synopsis as well:
  In 1895, women were not expected to work - or even know about - medicine. Women were expected to work as house-wives, mothers, teachers and nurses. One women was determined to change that. Eleanor Bramwell works under Sir Herbert Hamilton's supervision. She isn't happy. After he stupidly loses a perfectly healthy young mother, Eleanor decides it is time to make her mark in medical history. Mocked by fellow medical students and questioned by her father, Doctor Robert Bramwell, Eleanor is soon given a renovated building - by donation of the kind Lady Cora Peters - and begins her own infirmary - The Thrift. But with all odds against her, will she survive? Will she make her dream come true? Will her colleagues trust her? Written by<>

As you can see, it's about a strong woman and well, I want to be one! Part of my being a strong woman is taking control of my hesitation to attempt organizing my life and home. I worry I'll fail because, well, I never seem to have got down to the business of doing so! I clean up and my house looks tidy, but lurking in the deep there are boxes with unknown contents in them, old sheets, blankets, dishes that no longer have a purpose in my life. I worry when I attempt, because it's unknown I will fail. A paralyzing fear that has been able to be indulged due to my constant moving during my entire adult life. Never lived anywhere longer than 2 1/2 years most times I lived in a place for a year or less. I moved 3 times in an 18 month period once! So by the time I felt ready to tackle the boxes I knew we'd be moving again and it seemed pointless to be opening and dragging stuff out to have to turn around and box it when it was already boxed!

I have moved 15 times in the last 20 years. This may seem like allot and I agree! This has been one of my biggest problems with keeping house and organizing, the other is my ADD. I get overwhelmed easily by too much chaos and opening and organizing things is chaos. Out of sight out of mind! Each home I arrived at had a different layout, colors scheme and I would receive/buy things for that home and form memories, move and the next house it wouldn't fit, or there was no display place etc. I have so many boxes accumulated from so many moves! Another huge issue, which is actually the current issue, is that for many years I would move in, be working on a project (sewing dresses, stamping Christmas cards, whatever!) and couldn't go through boxes to find what I needed so I'd end up doubling up on items for the craft room, a new ink pad here, a bottle of glitter there. I don't have too many items that cost much, I'm fairly thrifty, I do however have a ton of little things! Many that are still useful to me and I have no way of knowing how to store said things! I feel frustrated because when I see studio pictures in Pinterest and Google they always look fabulous! I do not practice one craft! I do french heirloom sewing, smocking, embroidery, general sewing, painting, clay, painting, paper crafts, building/woodworking, gardening, stamping, scrap booking, card making, quilling, Scherensnitte, cooking and many more that I'll refrain from typing lest your eyes grow weary!

HOW do I organize so many mediums? I HAVE paired down my focus and let go of many things. I no longer paint woodcrafts as often and decided to donate the small wood wheels, pins etc. to bible school crafts. I have sat for hours winding my embroidery flosses around bobbins and organizing them neatly-done! I have made numerous piles based on subject and have made some progress. Now....please...ideas! Do I put small items in ziplocks and then place the ziplocks by category in bins marked with the medium? I'd love some feedback, so anyone who is reading and never is your time! I will go crazy and start drooling on myself and muttering things like..."Have to seperate eyelets by color and size...Have to organize my paper by color....must organize paints by color families!!!!!" I wake with ideas and this is no way to sleep folks! Help! Are you out there?????
Some pictures of what I ultimately want:
Neat and clean- relaxing yet fun

Until next time Dear Reader,

CRAZY Chatty Cathy

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  1. that is a lot of moving!!! nobody uses that room in the picture..or it wouldn't look like that!! I don't save hardly anything...I throw stuff out that i shouldn't just to keep the clutter down..but i have 2 kids that do crafts and sew and paint...I keep buying them more boxes but they must keep getting more stuff because there is always so much of it laying around...more boxes is not the answer!!
    happy week!