Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tutorial: "BOO" pleated paper discs.

As promised I am posting a tutorial on the "BOO" signs I have on my windows for my front porch as seen below. Aren't they cute?

Here's a close-up of the "B"

First you'll need the following:
6- 12"x 12" orange cardstock
1-12"x12"  black cardstock
hot glue gun (I use a multitemp on low setting)
glue sticks
platinum/silver glitter
Zots  marker or permanent black marker such as a Sharpie
3- 16" piece black netting or ribbon
black curling ribbon
Martha Stewart scoring board (very helpful, but not needed)

Okay, let's start

First: Take your cardstock in orange and cut down to 6”x12”. You needn’t have a paper cutter, just cut the paper in half. You will end up with 12 pieces.

Next we are going to score every ½’ on the scoring board. If you do not have a scoring board simply fold your paper in half inch increments as you would a paper fan. Folding back and forth like and accordion.
The scoring board makes this so simple and easy to be precise. I bought mine at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon and have never regretted buying it once.

If using a scoring board take you pieces and fold back and forth on the lines. You will be taking 4 pieces and gluing them together end to end. Once this is done you will have a long accordion 48” long by 6” wide. Take the two ends and glue them together so you create a cylinder.
Gather the top edge of the cylinder so that it starts decreasing in size around. This will cause it to start to lie flat on your table as seen below.

Now cut your black cardstock into 4” squares. I used a glass to trace a circle onto each square. Cut out the circles. This part is really based on your preference. You can make these as small or large as you’d like. You will need a total of 6.
I then used my glue gun to write a cursive letter on each circle and coated each with pewter glitter. I left the glitter on the letter for a couple of minutes before tapping off to let the glue set and cool. This gave a 3-D effect that is quite nice.

I then hot glued the circles onto the center of the discs on both sides. I put the same letter on each disc. Mine may spin and still show the proper letter…HOWEVER, if you will be placing these over glass and want them to read correctly from both sides you will want to put the first letter on one side and the last letter on the back. Does that make sense? If you spell out “BOO” and put the same letter on both sides. On the inside through the glass you will read:  “OOB” Placement of your letter will depend on whether you wish to read from one side or two. I hope that makes sense?

Next I took my favorite Zig marker and made dots on the folds of the disc. You can easily use a Sharpie. I just love the stamp like tip of the Zig Dotta Riffic !

Next take your curling ribbon and make some lengths so you will have curly cues hanging from the disc. This is based on the look you want. I placed 4- 8” pieces per disc. Hot glue these to the top of the disc. Next hot glue the piece of netting to the top over the curling ribbon. I glue it about 1” up from the end. This will be what you hang the disc by.

It’s really simple, inexpensive and fun to make. These can be used all over the house at any season simply by changing out your colors and letters. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and please share your pictures if you have a chance to make these.

Until Next Time,

Chatty Cathy