Monday, October 10, 2011

To everything there is a season.

August was the last time I blogged!? Really? I have sat so many times about to post and thought, is anyone going to read this? Today I am thinking.... who cares? I mean blogging is going to be my outlet. My chance to reclaim my creative side and explore all the avenues I've never ventured onto. Today I worked in the, yeah workshop! My husband and I are building bookcases for our new living room. An adventure. Neither of us are furniture builders, but we are handy with tools and Lowes had many good books on the subject. Of course being my mother's daughter I didn't want run of the mill bookcases. I want crown molding and adjustable shelves and lighting.I don't want one bookcase, I want a wall of them! David is one of the most patient and kind souls I think I've had the pleasure to meet and delight to marry. He said whatever you want sweetie! So we spent a couple of hours today working on the bases for the cases (yes I meant for that to rhyme). I'll be posting some pictures of our progress as it progresses! So far we have one side of the living room's bases made. I guess my point is. Sometimes in life we think; "I wish I could do that!" or "I'd like to try that!". My suggestion? Go for it. Nothing ventured - nothing gained. Challenge yourself to think of something you have thought about trying and then dismissed as "silly" or "not feasible". Take a creative writing class, learn to swim, visit a workshop at Lowes on brick laying! The only thing that holds us back on most ventures is fear or lack of motivation. Many things cost nothing but a little time, and I know how limited it can be trust me! Until recently I worked full time, raised 4 teenage girls and did it on my own-yes single! I still pushed myself to make a "Bucket List" of things that I could try to do even in my state of affairs. I ran a 8k, I pushed myself to swim a mile a day (man I wish I was still doing that...hmm dust the goggles off and go to the gym I'm thinking), I sat and made at least 10 minutes of quiet time to listen to classical music and read. Little things can make a big difference in our daily lives. The feeling that you thought about doing something and then actually tried it, or even better accomplished it- well that's a great feeling let me tell you. So if anyone is reading this, I challenge you to do something, anything. Do something for yourself, for another person, for a group, just get motivated and make a goal. Mine is to stop being afraid of blogging and do it with commitment. So I will be posting each week, after all I'm not Chatty Cathy because I have nothing to say right? I have plenty to say and here's my outlet :)

Have a great week and go change the world...or at least your little part of it!

-Chatty Cathy

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