Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is a wonderful thing!

Each year I make our family a special breakfast. Usually waffles with shipped cream and fresh strawberries, sometimes crepes, sometimes pancakes. Always bacon, eggs and the normal stuff. I think what makes this breakfast special is that we sit down together and share time together. I always do a special family night on Valentine's Day. It's a tradition:

  I make special food

 decorate the room

have flowers

and candles or like last year:
Fairies in a jar!

You can get instructions on how to do these here

This year is no different! I am busily making items for tonight's celebration and homemade lobster bisque for my hubby is one of the specials on tonight's menu! He loves it and it's a labor of love... for him! He's worth every ounce of effort I can assure you! I will post tomorrow about our special evening and hopefully it will encourage you to plan a special night with your family. After all...who better to exert yourself for than your family?


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    1. It was :) The girls always get giddy about it and David (hubby) says it's better than Thanksgiving with all the food I make!