Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Homesteading...or trying to be more Self-Sufficient!

Homesteading...the Good life

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Homesteading for me 2 years ago would have looked like Little House On The Prairie. (My favorite books and TV series) Large land, livestock, working the land, struggling and the love of a family to keep you going...oh and being happy no matter know Caroline!

Caroline Ingalls- Little House on The Prairie mom.

Homesteading for me a year ago...changed a bit! The Walton's :) Think small land, cute house with porch, a cow, chickens and quilting's and of course laying under a nut bearing tree with my supportive hubby! Hey we can tackle anything together!

John and Olivia Walton- The Waltons TV show

Homesteading to me now? Well, much internet research, and ever increasing library of books, my own raising of three chicks to hen stage (donated to my very happy Aunt because she actually has an area for them unlike me- more on that adventure later!), growing my own veggies and herbs, making my own compost, sewing, bread making and grinding of my own grains...well the look of Homesteading has changed! It's more like this now...

square foot garden

"Maisy" the Barred Rock hen

You see, I realized: I could wait till I had acres to work with, or I could use what I've got! Now, what "I've Got" is a 1/4 acre that slopes into the woods, a house that takes up a good portion of that, sun on only one side of the house in plain view of the HOA that doesn't like "leggy" plants or "garden areas not already established by the builder without prior permission"...they also don't allow livestock...not technically a chicken, but they don't want them either! So what's a girl to do if she really wants to learn what she can while waiting for that property? Well, follow me as I tell you what I am doing and have some laughs, because the chicken one...well there's some laughs to be had there! Many of the posts that will follow will be on things we have done so far, they will come quick in succession, but the post as I do it stuff will be more spread out, so be patient Kind Reader :)

Until Next Time...

Chatty Cathy

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