Sunday, November 25, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Well, I'm at it again! Paper mania around my house today! I have the front doorway decorated, but have now moved indoors. The paper cone wreaths I've been making are so pretty, but I have started to think outside the box. What other type of paper wreaths can one make? I thought something pretty and lacy would be just right for a winter wonderland theme with birds. So sitting in front of my stack of book pages, I had a revelation. The edger from Martha Stewart that I bought this spring would be the perfect edge! So I started edging sheets of book pages and then quartering them. Rolling them and folding a small amount over on the plain edge allowed me to secure them to my cardboard circle easily. I just worked my way out till I had a full wreath! Sounds easy and it is, but ohhhh so time consuming! This is definitely a Sense and Sensibility AND Emma project! It took hours and three burnt fingers, but it looked nice when filled.

What to do to spruce it up? Well, You KNOW I love Graphics Fairy and I have a couple of birds from  her blog. I printed them out a long time ago! I have a stash of tid bits I sit and cut so I'm ready when I need something. Her site is packed with all types of wonderful images. I have placed a link here to her site and it will take you to Bird and Eggs. Just browse and find what strikes your fancy: Click here for a world of wonderful!

Some birds, some twigs and a print out of Winter Wonderland in "Christmas" font. Voila! Beautiful!

I so hope you are enjoying the paper items and I will keep them coming...make a comment if you are visiting this blog...PRETTY PLEASE?

Until next time Dear Reader,
Chatty Cathy

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