Monday, April 30, 2012

Embroidery...Drawn Thread Embroidery Follow Up

So I did it! I actually started the edging to that drawn Thread Work I last posted about 

I decided on a satin stitch for the outside edge and it worked nicely. As I went along I found the reverse side looked neater than the front! I have no idea if this is normal? Since this is done on just a plain piece of cotton, I guess there is no stopping me from using the reverse when done? 

Disclaimer: I am not trained in this technique, don't take what I'm doing as "The Law".

Okay now that that is out of the way!

I satin stitched around the edge before moving to the bunching of threads to create the open lacy look. Let's break this down:

What is a satin stitch?

The Embroiderer's Guild describes the satin stitch as:

Working straight stitches closely together across the shape, as shown. Take care to keep the edge even, and if you are following an outline marked on the fabric, take your stitches to the outside of the line so that the marked line does not show.

As you can see from the picture (hopefully!) I used this stitch around the edge of my work to "hold" the threads and keep them from unravelling.

This picture is SUPER blown up. I mean this section is only 1/2" that you are looking at. The quality isn't great, but I wanted you to see a close up of the satin stitch.

Here's a shot of the whole 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" piece.

Now, once that is sewn all around the edge. My next step was to "group" the threads in threes. I found a great example of this in one of my old copies of Creative Needle. I have searched the web for this article so I could link it, but it isn't anywhere. I have scanned it so you can see it and am letting you's from Creative Needle in the mid 90's.

I fiddled and kind of taught myself. I am sure there are mistakes all over the work and I probably didn't do it right- however! Mine looks pretty darn good in person. I was really excited at how nicely it turned out my very first time. You can work on a little piece and give it a try. I bet you'll find it is a tedious but relaxing work to do. The results are impressive and every person who has seen this when I've worked on it at practices, tea shops etc. has exclaimed "wow that's beautiful" Isn't that what you hope for after all your hard work? So I'd say my dabbling in Drawn Thread Work has been a learning experience and rewarding.

I'll leave you with some shots of the work and you'll see what the next blog will be on.

Basic Embroidery stitches.

I have started the Eyelets on the piece and will have that post to you soon. Enjoy and please inbox me if you have questions.

Until next time Dear Reader,

Chatty Cathy


  1. That look so pretty...I know it will be beautiful!
    Love, M

  2. You are so sweet for your comment on facebook. thank you. do you have a page? I have to like it if you do:)

  3. Oh and your project looks cool too...very tedious indeed.

  4. Thank you Debbie! I do have a FB page, just can't figure out how to get it on my blog to link! Afraid my old fashioned nature causes me much trouble in modern technology! LOL I appreciate your comment and all you do for us bloggers!