Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chatty Cathy the beginning.

Yo Chatty Cathy....Clip your string!
My mom loved to use this phrase and it always made me laugh, still does. Her mom used it before her, my guess is for the same reason she used it on me? I love to talk, yak, converse, reminice, chew the fat, chatter. No matter where I am or who I'm with I can find some subject to talk about. I'm a creative soul with ADD (not ADHD). I am full of energy and love to laugh and therefore feel everyone around me should laugh. My goal? To make sure the people I have the chance to meet laugh at least once while knowing me and remember later that they laughed with me once. What greater joy than to see those you care about have a good laugh and light up?  No this blog is not going to be a jokes page. I plan on just relating eveyday life and it's funny little moments. Maybe you, dear reader, will have a good laugh with me along the way.

I'm engaged, to an incredible man, we'll call him David for lack of a better name (this happens to be his name in fact). I have 4 daughters of ages ranging from 11-17. He only has a black cat name Frisco to throw into the mix. I also have a 5lb. chihuahua named Apollo. So we have decided to combine this whole group into a family (brave we are indeed). My dear David works from home, which used to be great, but now there's the 4 kids, cat and dog. I currently work full time as office manager, acccounts payable, travel coordinator, accounts receivable and girl Friday. Looking at this sceerio you may guess that my dear man has the majority of the work with the kids. Well, Friday is my last day at work and I'm sad and excited. Sad because I couldn't ask for better co-workers. I mean stellar people. I'll dearly miss them. Excited because I have missed making things pretty, gardening, spending individual time with my girls and creating a home in the way I did before a full time job took over. I've balanced both for awhile and have to say it was extremely hard. Kudos to those out there with bunches of kids and working full time! Hats off and a big hug to you because you need it! Ok, back to my story. Last night, I come home to my dear David (after biting his head off in the A.M. for something I'm sure I overreacted over!) and he has this tired look. I recognize it because I've worn it. I say let's go out with no kids? The man is up and ready. So off to dinner we go. It's so nice away and by ourselves that we decide to go to K-Mart and buy chairs for the beach. Staggering 33-. I mean really? (I'm very thrifty). Armed with chairs and a determination to "relax" no matter what we head to the beach. Down on the sand we are talking (my favorite) about life, kids, and our lack of a life with kids :) Just teasing. We comment on how nice it is. David tells me he feels like he needs help or a plan for these moments with the kids. He says he doesn't know what to do. I ask what he means. He says I know the area and my kids. I just come up with things like we'll go here and do this. He says all I have in life is a couple of things: the beach, the library and grilled cheese! I start to laugh, I mean really laugh. I asked....grilled cheese? He says well they eat the heck out of it! I make it and they eat it. He looks very proud and my heart does the little skip it does when my dear David looks at me with those little boy blue eyes (so gorgeous!). Itell him they love the library and the beach, he says..."They love grilled cheese too!" I say yes dear! I told him one day when they are older they will laugh and reminice about trips to the beach, library and grilled cheese! He says really? I think if we all think back on our lives it's those small things and familiar things that really do stick right? Deli sliced american cheese, dill pickles from the barrel at Wawa's in Absecon, N.J., trips to ShopRite and lunches around the table with my Grammy, Poppy, Mama, Papa, uncles and Aunt Patti. These are the things that make my heart warm and the world seems good. Who doesn't catch a whif of something and get taken back to a person or a place? Estee Lauder's Youth Dew makes me instantly think of Grammy! The first rose of the season reminds me of Poppy bringing Grammy the first rose of the year every year. Butterscotch pudding and tea with sugar and milk make me think of Granny in Asbury Park. Aren't some of your greatest pleasures in life those little things, simple things that make you happy? I'd love to have ya'll share a memory and remember something that made you happy and still does. Until my next post- I bid you happy thoughts and warm hearts!


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